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Game: game Crazy Taxi for Android Available Now

Today is not only the most attentive fan of games for smartphones may miss the opportunity to download the most popular of the earlier game, which became somewhat iconic. It is already possible to play GTA, little is left to wait until you get a Prince of Persia. But today you can play for at least the popular console game Crazy Taxi!

Came the famous game Crazy Taxi for Android

I am sure that if you had a console Dreamcast, then you have 100% was the game Crazy Taxi by SEGA. But if some of you are those who are not familiar with this game a hit, then I explain – in Crazy Taxi you play as a taxi driver, a maniac, whose ultimate goal is to collect as much of money as it is at all possible. But at the same time you are very much limited.

Naturally because of this you have most definitely do not care about the traffic rules and become a real crazy taxi driver who scorcher in city traffic cars, making all sorts of combos to win the race, but be sure to collect as much money.

Android version of the game has an arcade mode and original mode, where there are 16 mini-games, allowing players to choose between a long or a quick game with a very dangerous driving. The game has original music tracks bands such as The Offspring and Bad Religion.

The game can captivate you for a very long time. You can check out THIS link and download Crazy Taxi for Android from Google Play Market (depending on the country the game is worth $ 4.99 / £ 2.99 / € 4.49), or get hit by SEGA us without payment:You can not download files from our server
You can not download files from our server

    crazy taxi for android mobile 4 4 2 KitKat

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