Galaxy S5 get a built-in laser keyboard?

Many are building all sorts of illusions about the future of the flagship S5 Galaxy. Daily news appear on the network with alleged leaks and rumors about the characteristics and possibilities of your Smartphone. Today at one of our sources, we heard about a new concept that can get a built-in laser keyboard. The laser sensor will be located next to a speaker on the front side of the device.

When Samsung will introduce new devices?

The new device is not officially announced and this is unlikely to happen any time soon, since this is only an example implementation of new technologies that are developed within the company. The Samsung has a busy release their current smartphones, Galaxy Galaxy S4 S4 S4 Galaxy mini and Active, and, of course, the Galaxy S4 Zoom. After you have adjusted the sales of these devices, Samsung will announce the new smartphone.

Design 3.0 will change the design Galaxy S5

Samsung has organized a special meeting, where the company announced a new strategy for the design of future devices. Samsung working on Galaxy S5 will be thinner and prettier than previous smartphones. Clearly the future flagship of an a lot of hype. We should be prepared for major changes.

This device will have a 16-processor-which will get the 4 GB of RAM. Galaxy camera S5 is a 16-Megapixel sensor with ul′trapiksel′nym for better quality photos. Laser keyboard will make future smartphone even more popular and this option will attract attention even more than all the other possibilities.