G2: LG Electronics features Quick Window Cover


Lg show the latest smart phone. As we know now probably, the South Korean manufacturer is theG2 OPTIMUS(Pardon) G2 reveal. Sheer excitement of rival Samsung Electronics has already presented an accessory called Quick Window. The name suggests the skill: Similar to the S Cover View from Samsung, the Quick Window LG offers a small window so that the user information, such as email, battery, reception and Co. can read. Press on the picture, the LG has released on Tuesday morning, you can see various application scenarios: call, alarm clock, music, weather, timer, clock (digital) and clock (analog). In addition to this function, the quick window provides another protection feature: “premium case” says the international message. Along with the G2, it should come in the colors black, white, pink, violet, blue, mint and yellow on the market.