Foldable smartphone from Samsung as early as next year


The folding smartphone, which is prepared by Samsung hear for a long time. The manufacturer, however, decided not to give an exact release date, and the only thing we saw diagrams of the device. But now we can breathe more deeply, because the matter moved firmly forward.


Samsung as an innovative device had already let go this year, but the date was too fast.Recent information are reporting that the foldable smartphone will be launched in 2017. It will have a 7-inch OLED screen – acting as a tablet, which will be submitted to 5 inches thereby yielding a smartphone. Opening the device will be quite the same as in the case of the portfolio.


The manufacturer has worked on the device until 3 years. It promises to be so big revolution in the field of smartphones. A device with such capabilities may be more attractive target than the modular housing LG G5. After all carry in your pocket both the smartphone and the tablet is far more functional than wearing a backpack with additional, interchangeable modules. Nevertheless, there is still waiting to see what this Samsung decides to put inside the machine.

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