Firmware Update for Galaxy S6 XXU2COH2


Firmware Update for Galaxy XXU2COH2 S6: full changelog

  • function Apps Edge (only for Galaxy S6 Edge)
  • function On Circle (just Edge Galaxy S6)
  • TouchWiz launcher icons Notes 5 / S6 Edge +
  • support  Ultra High Quality Audio
  • new camera mode Broadcast Live

Firmware Download Firmware XXU2COH2 for Galaxy S6

If you want to manually download the firmware and install it using Odin , you can download it from here:

Galaxy S6
: G920FXXU2COH2 MODEM : G920FXXU2COH2 CSC : G920FOXA2COH2 build date : August 12, 2015 [highlight color=”yellow”]download[/highlight]

Galaxy S6 Edge
: G925FXXU2COH2 MODEM : G925FXXU2COH2 CSC : G925FOXA2COH2 build date : August 12, 2015 [highlight color=”yellow”]/[/highlight]

Guide to install Firmware on Galaxy S6 XXU2COH2

Do you want to install the Firmware on Galaxy S6 XXU2COH2 but not know how? You need a guide to install the Firmware on Galaxy XXU2COH2 S6? Do you need advice and guidance to install the Firmware on Galaxy XXU2COH2 S6? No problem here is all the instructions written in a clear and precise.


  • performed all at your own risk, while taking on all the responsibilities of the case
  • guide tested by me personally and running
  • IN THEORY driving does not format the phone, but you never know: you do a backup before going on
  • proceed only with the phone that at least 70% of battery charge

guide to install the Firmware on Galaxy S6 XXU2COH2 . 

  • First download and install (if you already have them) the driver for the PC
     and the program  Odin fromthis link
  • Now download the firmware from the French link found just above and extract to get a file with MD5
  • Turn off the phone, hold down Vol – and home , we light it while pressing the Power . At the next screen press Vol +  to enter the Download Mode ;
  • Now open Odin and in AP select the file. MD5 obtained in step 2
  • Connect your phone to the PC and when the program has finished the procedure for monitoring the file click on START
  • When the operation is finished the phone will reboot and will not need to do: wait a few minutes for the phone to be optimized and we use our smartphones with the latest firmware installed and fully functional.   [divider style=”solid” top=”0″ bottom=”0″]