Final Fantasy IV for Android

By | Tuesday, Jul 02 2013 12:15PM

Final Fantasy IV  was the first  game  in the series released for the Super Nintendo and now you can enjoy it for Android . It eliminated the choice of works that had appeared in the third part and the characters have names beforehand.This was the first Final Fantasy that actually had a story considerably more complicated and full of twists.

This game is the fourth part of the Final Fantasy series, which was published in 1991. His unparalleled success was due to its unique characters and exciting stories.

Final Fantasy IV was the first title to include the system Active Time Battle(ATB), which has become synonymous with this series. Another feature that set this game was allowing other characters to transfer skills to help players in battle.

In its version for Android this legendary title offers many other amazing features:

  • Spoken Dialogues accompanying the most important moments.
  • The characters express different emotions, clearly distinguishable.
  • Players start the game with a map of the dungeon completely blank, which adds an element of discovery to the game.
  • Players can hear the game music whenever they want.

Final Fantasy IV for Android