Fast Reboot for Android – Reboot your phone in seconds

Fast Reboot is a great application to quickly restart your phone. Ideal for emergencies and trouble!

Fast Reboot

Fast Reboot for Android

Many times it happens that we have to restart your device for any need. Generally, however, this makes the device takes some time to re-start the system, which is quite inconvenient if we are in an emergency or trouble.For this reason born Fast Reboot , a very useful tool that allows quick restart our phone.

Fast Reboot-2 Fast Reboot-3

Now, how? What makes Fast reebot graphic is killing our server and restart it without turning off the phone. At the beginning we sent to the mobile home screen in which we enter our PIN and will appear on desktop applications without turning off the device. That is not really the smartphone restarts but only the applications and processes.

Furthermore, simulating a reboot by closing / restarting all processes and thus frees up memory, so it is assumed that the phone should be much snappier after using this app. Another interesting option is to select the processes to restart, the ability to schedule periodic reboots, etc..

Download Fast Reboot For Android

Fast Reboot NOT require root and is available for download from Google Play in two versions: a free and another payment is complete.