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Enhance Camera Quality Nexus 5 With This Mod



  1. Have a Nexus 5 which has root and unlocked bootloader.
  2. The version 1.4 of the mod together to fix video .

Steps to follow

  1. Download the corresponding version 1.4 with video correction file.
  2. We pass these files to our Nexus 5, the storage root or a folder where it located.
  3. Turned our Nexus 5 and kindle in Recovery Mode
  4. Flasheamos / install the two zip files. We downloaded the top, first version 1.4 and after the fix.
  5. Reboot and voila, the camera application will be amended.

What if I want to return to the original version of the camera?

  1. We download this file (it’s the camera that comes with the Android version 4.4.2) and left it in the memory of our device.
  2. We turn off, turn on in recovery mode and file flasheamos we have left in memory.
  3. Reboot, and you are: the original camera should be in place.

Can you look at the thread on XDA-Developers author (english) to find new versions of the mod, community input, or help in the event of need. And if you liked the mod, we recommend leaving a donation to the author , as the mod has not been done and has taken only a good job.

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