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Download Play Service is updated version 6.5



Google Maps

GMS - Release Blog Nacho - Map Toolbar

For Google Maps , the famous map service to the Big G, we introduced new APIs that allow you to insert a small toolbar in third-party apps, which then open up GMaps and immediately get directions to the destination preset, making it much comfortable life users. It also introduced the ” lite mode “, or bitmap images of small portions of the map to share with who you want, who, if he wants, can open Maps and display the full map.

Google Drive

Introduced improvements in research and file synchronization , which is now less expensive for the battery and under greater control of the user , who can decide what type of network to upload and if you stop uploads in progress.

Google Wallet

You can now make donations through Wallet , with the same ease with which you make payments (although we are not widespread).

We Fit

Now it’s easy for developers to integrate data fit within their apps and vice versa.

The most important change concerns the new way to integrate the API of Google services within the third-party app, that will drastically reduce the weight of the applications, as explained by our Andrea :

Now the app will be more streamlined, since if you are only using the Maps API will import only those specific APIs  and not those of the drive, plus, fit, analytics, etc. , as was previously the case. The net effect will be for light in weight , allowing benefits to both developers and users.
As you can see this is a real turning point, and we hope that this new method is integrated into all apps use the most, with the ‘ SDK coming soon. The download of ‘ APK is available here (2.3+) or  here (5.0+).
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