Download Google Photos App v1.3 Update


Google Photos App released v1.3 update, this time to update several items, including changes in functional and operational.

Photo sorting
First, in the photo albums can rearrange the order. Later in the album, first tap the top of the “pencil” pattern, enter the edit screen, then press and hold a photo that you can drag to rearrange the order of the photo

Cut Movie function
will be made ​​upon accession Video movie clips can select the desired Video made ​​movie Movie. As long as the bottom of the screen simply drag the timeline to the desired part can be selected.

In addition to these two features, Google Photos App v1.3 There are other changes.
Google Photos CAN Recognize Collages / Animations That Google Camera Creates
You are now Able to Login to Google Photos as a Plus Page
You CAN reorder content in albums
You CAN now trim videos to be included in movies
You CAN See a new timeline user interface for Movie editing
APK Download Google Photos App v1.3

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