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Download Christmas and New Year Live Wallpaper for Android

So, soon the winter holidays, and we have not decorated their smartphones and tablets Samsung Galaxy 🙂 So we present you a small overview of the free live wallpaper New Year and Christmas theme. Snowflakes Live Wallpaper Free

Download Christmas and New Year Live Wallpaper for Android

Simple, but very beautiful live wallpaper for Android with falling snowflakes. From the settings, you can select the speed of the wind and a gradient background, but it is enough that set them up for yourself. Due to its simplicity and small size, they are virtually smartphone CPU intensive and therefore eat a little battery. Rating: 6 \ 10. Winter Snowfall FREE Wallpaper

Very stylish live wallpaper theme “Winter Snow”. There are many different buns, such as changing time of day, fireworks at tapas on the screen, setting various styles of snow. It is also possible to include floating clouds, tree with toys and Christmas garland. It is also worth noting that all the graphics perfectly legible and simply gaze. Rating: 8 \ 10. Snow HD Free Edition

Probably the best free live wallpaper for Android Christmas theme, which we found in the Play Market. You can choose one of three houses (House, House and Mill, in the paid version of each house has several sub-themes) that will appear on the foreground of the picture, and please you with a nice animation. Even in the free version, you can customize almost everything the type of snow and ending camera mode. The whole list of features, see page wallpaper Play Market. Rating: 9 \ 10 3D Christmas Live Wallpapper

If you want that Christmas tree was not only at home but also on the screen of your smartphone, then this wallpaper is definitely for you! Although they are free, as well as other members of our review, but the wallpaper still give odds to many fee-paying counterparts. Beautiful smooth animation, a variety of topics, fireworks, a large number of settings and stability to force users to download this product more than a million times! It also makes no sense to list all the applications Fitch, since everything is in Russian in Play Market.

Also worth noting is that AMOLED screen Samsung Galaxy S3, they look simply divine. Rating: 9 \ 10 Christmas Live Wallpaper Lite

Simply beautiful wallpaper Christmas theme, with a timer countdown time to the new year. There is nothing superfluous, it is a beautiful product that has a nice graphical effects, and this works fine even on slower devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Gio, Duos, Mini, etc.

Rating: 7 \ 10 
Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

And completing our digest live wallpaper for Android brainchild of well-known developer XIMAD. It’s quite nice interactive wallpaper that intelligently written and optimized for popular resolution (800×480. 1280×720, 1024×600), so they are suitable for both smartphones and tablet, for example a series of Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 2. The number of settings it is hard to something then highlight, but in general this app came out quite good quality. Rating: 7 \ 10

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