Android: Floating Soft Keys


Android Floating Soft Keys the solution to problems with the physical buttons

If there is something that can annoy our experience with smartphones are hardware problems, and in particular the problems with physical buttons , which after a while can not work or get stuck by a bad fall, blow, etc.. For example on my HTC Magic, the Menu button is already in his final days and every time I have to tighten more to ignore me and obviously I will not fix it because fanciest money is not worth it. Luckily the developers think of everything and solve these problemsfree application born  Floating Soft Keys .

When installing Floating Soft Keys we will see a floating bar with 4 icons superimposed on your screen and will always remain there. The three icons with the basic functions to handle the smartphone: Back, Home, Menu and one more in order to move and place the bar where you want (you can leave hidden from the settings). Make it clear from the beginning that to use this app you must be ROOT , if you’re not, you can check out here.


Of course, we can change the parameters of the bar from the application settings , such as adjusting the size of the buttons, transparency and the separation between them. You can alsoassign a function to the Home button when you stay down, and launch Google Now or act as the power button. The orientation of the bar is also configurable, and can put both horizontally and vertically.

There is also the possibility of changing the default icons in other subjects, for how you have to spend for the developer thread on XDA-Developers forum.

Requires Android 2.2 and higher
Version: 2.0.2
Definitely an application very simple, light and free  that perfectly fulfills its mission, missing only to change the volume of the device in order to have covered all the possible problems that can give us physical buttons in the future.