Download and install Google+ 4.4


Google+ v4.4, many new features and interface in photos

Stories AutoAwesome  will now combine photos, videos and locations of the sites you have visited . It is also available on multiple platforms, so videos like this will see them more often. Basically a summary of the highlights of our travels.

android google plus new caps 0

The update can we create animated GIFs and images of different styles just click on a new button created in the photo section; we can choose between moving or Mix Photos. We leave a few pictures for you to see this change.

It improves the support for large photo libraries , which can now handle hundreds of photos from the Google+ app. It has created a bar for time shift viewing pictures comfortably.

Another novelty is that like the web version, now we can see the total number of visitswe have had since the Android app.

android google plus new caps

A new navigation menu so that we can more easily switch between circles and communities is also included. In the bottom right has also included a new icon to easily share any photo or file. In addition the text will occupy all of the screen when drift down as the top menu bar will automatically hide.


Download and install Google+ 4.4 [APK]

We leave the link to the APK  (only valid for Android 4.4 KitKat ) so you can enjoy yourselves of all such changes. What do you think? A great update to a service that seemed to progress with Vic Gundotra would be relegated to the background. Does not appear so.

Download Google+ 4.4 [APK]  | Mirror  (KitKat) Download Google+ 4.4 [APK]  | Mirror (Android 4.3 or lower)[divider]