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Customize home screen with Wiztiles Windows Phone


The Wiztiles allows not only create “toggles” (shortcuts) for settings, as well as to your browser’s favorites, tiles create speed dial for  and more. Let’s see  the log application in  (translated from English ):

This application allows you to create custom tiles and apply themes for the tiles. Also, you can assign shortcuts to your custom tiles. What this application does? He can not make shortcuts to the Hubs Phone, People, Messaging, and Email. He can not make shortcuts to other applications or games. He can not do shortcuts for most phone settings. Why not? Why developers do not have access to these shortcuts. If and when developers have more access to the phone, we will make every possible shortcuts.

On the other hand, this application can do many useful things: 
1. Tiles unlimited custom 
2. Color Picker: lets you choose the color of your tile. 4. Support themes: Make your own themes and share with others.  additional themes online. 6. Tiles dynamic: Add text information on the back of the tile and it will turn to reveal more details. 7. Storage Media: All the ones that you create can be saved, so you can fix them or desafixá them on the home screen. 8. Application works great on dark and light themes. 9. More shortcuts, themes and additional features are being added. 10. You can try it for free! What else are you waiting for?
3. Use  or pictures from your gallery  or themes.

5. Add tasks or shortcuts to any tile, how to make a phone call, take a picture , compose  , write text messages, open favorite websites, set up wi-fi, bluetooth setup, configure the airplane mode, configure data  ( 3G/4G),  your status on Twitter,  , LinkedIn, Windows Live, search the web, get directions, use maps, browse the store and much more!

wp_ss_20131020_0002 wp_ss_20131020_0003 wp_ss_20131020_0004

Unfortunately, the application does not support the Portuguese in Brazil, but the application is intuitive and it is easy to create your own tiles. There are two versions of the App Store on a free, with the limitation of only being able to save a custom theme, and a paid without limitations. I use the free version and I can guarantee that it is very useful. But if you want to use more themes to the back of the tiles, buy the paid version and appreciates the work of the developer!

The Wiztiles is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and 7.x is available in Brazilian store Windows Phone!

To download and / or update the application, follow the links below or qrcodes:

To download and / or update the Wiztiles free visit the link  Windows Phone Store  or Qrcode below:


To download and / or update the Wiztiles Pro  R $ 2.49  visit the link  Windows Phone Store  or qrcode below:


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