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Coming Soon A New Update For Samsung Galaxy S4

The first country that has begun to receive the new firmware is Germany , where devices and corresponding messages appear (because the update is OTA). Yes, it is expected that in the regions where they sell the Samsung Galaxy S4-including Spain-this development comes within days at most. Therefore, one has to be careful because everything indicates that the great innovations that are incorporated in sections of stability and performance.

Although no major improvements include aesthetic or Android version, provided it is advisable to install the updates that the manufacturer launches of their products, because in them there are new options and improvements. Many times these are not seen by the naked eye, but they enhance the user experience is superior.

Samsung Galaxy S4 in black

Data from the new firmware

The specific data that have been known to the new ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that has begun deploying in Germany, are:

Model: GT-I9505
Country: Germany
Version: Android 4.2.2
Change log: 1081224
Build Date: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 8:32:07 +0000
Product Code: DBT

As can be seen, the date of compilation varies with respect to the S4 Galaxy Spain. In addition, the CSC has changed, so it is clear that some changes are in the game. By the way, the update is specific to the Samsung Galaxy S4 free, so if you have one associated with a normal operator is that it takes a little longer to get it.

Good news, no doubt, but what I really hope those who have one of these handsets from Samsung is the arrival ofAndroid 4.3 to their devices. This is something that probably will not take long to occur if you take into account that the Galaxy Note 3 has been confirmed that come with this version of the Google operating system.

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