Camera360 for Nokia Lumia updated to version 1.0

Camera360 for Nokia Lumia, only for devices Windows Phone 8, just updated the application which is available for all Windows Phone devices to version 1.0, no official changelog, which appears is the same as in the previous version. In this way it even at version number that is available on the Nokia Collection, with small differences in the layout of the controls.

Camera360 for Nokia Lumia is possibly the best photographic application that we install on our device, to take pictures and apply filters and frames. It has many features and functions at the time of taking the picture with which we will be able to significantly improve.
Camera 360 features for Nokia Lumia:
Compass creative, 6 themed trip, offers effects selected for each theme of the picture. (Auto, portrait, landscape, Food, night, microspur)
Many effects and effects live, you can see the effect in the picture in real time.
Re-edition of photographs.
Photo Journal, sort photos by date of capture. It is easy to browse or search a particular photo.
Elegant frames to decorate your photo.
Easily share your photos in multiple sites.
Camera360 for Nokia Lumia is available for free in Windows Phone Store