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Battlestone for Android, 3D pin type RPG game

Battlestone for Android 3D
Battlestone for Android

Battlestone for Android is one of those 3D RPG type game that you must download and install on your device, where we have to create a team and drive out the forces of the Void, and with stones making battle. Discover and train your group of heroes, changing from one to another during combat to use all their special powers and defeat the forces of evil.
In Battlestone for Android can fight with simple playing techniques of attack or sliding your finger across the screen, creating dozens of different heroes and improving their skills, and change of a hero to another quickly during combat. Do not miss this fantastic game with a guild system and weekly tournaments where you defeat your friends and users worldwide.

Battlestone for Android Features
Explore whole world in 3D graphics as you embark on great adventures.
Fights with touch control: simple and intuitive effected attack techniques touching or sliding your finger across the screen. Create combo attacks with special skills to eliminate multiple enemies in one fell swoop.
Create heroes dozens of different stones used win battle to invoke exceptional new heroes with unique powers.
Decide how much you want to improve the skills of your heroes.
Change a hero to another quickly during combat: choose a new hero in the midst of the battle to overcome all the challenges that await.
Battle other players: Fight against your friends and other players to win the battle powerful stones.
With a system of guilds and weekly tournaments.
Battlestone for Android is available free on Google Play.

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