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ASUS Announces Pre-order of PQ321Q: The world’s first 4K monitor consumer


The new 31.5 inch monitor 4K Ultra HD monitor has four times the resolution of a full HD for incredibly detailed and realistic images

ASUS, a global leader in high-performance large screen, today announced the pre-order exclusive for the highly anticipated new series PQ321Q, a true 4K UHD monitor. As of July 1st American consumers can pre-order the world’s first 4K monitor to consumers through Newegg, Amazon or TigerDirect to an introductory MSRP of $ 3.499 USD.

PQ321Q ASUS screen with resolution 4K UHD is a desktop screen with an impressive resolution Ultra HD 3840 x 2160, offers a screen resolution equivalent to four times the full HD combined. It has a backlit LED screen with a 4K Ultra HD 31.5-inch (140 pixels per inch) with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which supports Deep Color “10-bit RGB for vibrant images with natural transitions between tones.

Introducing cutting edge technology IGZO Panels


PQ321Q ASUS screen with resolution 4K UHD Monitor uses cutting-edge technology based on indium and gallium oxide zinc (IGZO) instead of traditional silicon active layer of the LCD panel. IGZO panels are supported with much smaller transistors than amorphous silicon, allowing much smaller pixels. This allows the monitor ASUS PQ321Q have four times the amount of pixels compared to a full HD 1920 × 1080.Despite the increase of pixels, the monitor PQ321Q offers peace of mind that comes with a warranty “Zero Bright Dot” 30 days.

To ensure the best visual experience, has 176 degrees of viewing angle in both planes, vertical and horizontal to minimize the color change on the screen, while the brightness level which is 350cd/m2 and a response time of 8ms gray to gray which ensure smooth motion images, bright and vibrant.

IGZO technology also provides a reduction in power consumption compared with amorphous silicon and reduces the size of the monitor, thereby maximizing the available space. With only 35 mm at its thickest point, the ASUS PQ321Q is not only the first screen with resolution 4K UHD true for the consumer but also the thinnest available today.

Comprehensive video inputs UHD Content


PQ321Q ASUS screen with a resolution 4K UHD, has among its features DisplayPort port and two HDMI ports with support PIP. Transport mode DisplayPort Multi Stream allows 60Hz refresh rate at a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels using graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA, and with integrated video support with the Intel ® Core ™. of fourth generation also includes a pair of 2W stereo speakers, plus is ready to be mounted on the wall, the monitor provides maximum support height, swivel, tilt and more.


Visit usa.asus.com for details and additional specifications.

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