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“Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator” comes to Android

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Among the varieties most populous Google Play Store catalog can always find little gems bearings to a minority audience. Among them, we can highlight various simulators as of today we speak, Artemis Space Bridge Simulator , a simulator very complete space coming from the PC.

Something like the exceptional Faster Than Light, also from PC, (not so exceptional, of course) is what is proposed in this Artemis, giving us the ability to control a ship and all its triplulación, from the captain to the engineers through the weapons officers. And this effort will be vital to navigate through space and get into battles successfully.
Of course, an important detail is that the play in multiplayer and take between several people the same ship is a requirement indispendable. It may be a negative for that usually play alone, but particularly montarnos our Star Trek can have your grace, right? Yes, because it comes to PC and is a game of considerable size, the price of the download is 2.28 €

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