AndroTaskman updated to version 1.2.1 [Nokia Symbian]


The application AndroTaskman receives a new update and changes to version 1.2.1 . The new release fixes some bugs, improves performance and adds the ability to choose where to save screenshots.
AndroTaskman, remember, make it possible to close apps with a simple gesture. It is a new task manager that displays the icons of apps open in backgruound and which may be displayed, instead of the default, pressing and holding the menu key. Will be therefore useful to close the task by dragging its icon out of the pop up AndroTaskman.
The application also allows some customization, such as the ability to choose the background color of the popup, the effects for transitions and to select the applications in the background that you will want to eventually close automatically with the single long press menu.
If interested you can buy AndroTaskman from Nokia Store at a cost of 2 Euro . Compatibility is guaranteed for device Nokia Belle and the Symbian S60 5th Edition
AndroTaskman version 1.2.1