Android: NFC ReTAG Free apk


ReUse/ReCyle write protected NFC tags such as hotel key-cards, access badges, price tags, skicards, key fobs etc….
You can use this app to associate multiple functions (e.g. enable Wlan, start navigation to ZXY, toggle Bluetooth, launch any installed app, call a phone number etc.) to a specific NEC Tag via an app internal database.This app does not write or change any NEC tags (except you want to write a special NEC ReTAG tag for better dispatching)!
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Device Settings
* Set Ringer (silent/ vibrate/ normal)
* Set Ringer Volume
* Set Music Volume
* Set ALarm Volume
* set Brightness (auto/ value)
* Set Auto Sync (on/off/toggle)
* Set Auto Rotate (on/off/toggle)
* Set Display timeout
* Set Stay On while Loading (AC/USB/AC+USB/Never)

Wireless & Networks
* Set Wlan (on/off/toggle)
* Set Bluetooth (on/off/toggle)
* Set Airplane mode (on/off/toggle)
* Connect Wifi Hotspot (on/off/toggle)
* Connect Wifi SSID (SSID)
* Set Mobile Data (on/off/toggle)

Start & Launch
* App (any app on your device)
* Music (Toogle Play, Stop, Next etc.)
* Navigation (adress)
* Website (URL)
* Tasker task
* Carmode (on/off/toggle)

Phone/ Message
* Dial(number)
* Call (number)

Calendar & Alarm
* Set Alarm (07:32)
* Set Alarmtimer (in 12 min)
* Add Calendar entry
* Make Timestamp

Misc & Labs
* Say something (TextoSpeech)
* Start Secret code
* Go to Homescreen
* Show Pop-up (Text)
* WAIT (milliseconds)
* Add new SSID (great for sharing/ beaming WiFi SSID and password)
* Say current time
* Launch App Activities
* Bluetooth discoverability
* Set default ringtone
* Set default notification tone
* Set default alarm tone
* Tasker Task advanced
* ReTag Broadcast (for 3rd party apps)
Addition Features:
* Complete new UI, you will love it!
* Unique tag cycles (activities for scan 1, scan 2, scan 3 etc.)
* Write/import NFC ReTag activity tags
* Beam your activity cycles
* Write special NFC ReTag tag (better dispatching)
* Write Smarttags (Green, Blue etc.)
* Backup/ import database
* Disable NFC ReTag background dispatching
* Save tag as template
* Support for placeholders (e.g. [%UID], [%DAT])
* and many many more …


NFC ReTAG Free (16.1 KiB, 160 downloads)