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Android Manage Your Bills On A Calendar With Dollarbird


Dollabird is a powerful tool that will show us our accounts through a calendar to manage money not only by categories, but also for days. Now we know when more are the days that we spend, and the application will also allow us to a plan and a projection of the amount of money we will have in the future.

The app is very successful but perhaps something simple, also has a very clean and stylish design that is familiar with this type of application. Calendar The app also has its own graphics, where we make calculations of weeks earlier, balance inquiry and other transactions.


The application has a couple of drawbacks, and it is unfortunately only in English and also the free version is quite limited . To use all the features of Dollabird have to test the Pro version, with a price of 3.58 € / month or € 35.88 / year, a fee that is not high but we would have to test it to justify payment .

With the complete package we may have different calendars, sync data, complete follow-up, backup and several more icons for categories. Some interesting tools, but not necessary for those who want to simply carry a basic account of their limited (or no) fees visually a very good way.

We leave the link to the Play Store that you may prove yourselves whether it is worth implementing. We already have it installed to give it a try.

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