Android game Spot the Differences

Let’s face it immediately, it is essentially the video presentation that challenged us when we discovered Spot the Differences: Challenge, available for a few days on the  Google Play .

Spot the Difference

They have imagination, in Sanuk Games … Witness the clip created on the occasion of the release of their game, Spot the Differences: Challenge, available on both Android and iOS. It lets you enjoy the work.

The game has nothing wildly original, since it is simply to spot the differences between two images in a short time and challenge their friends, at least, it’s effective. The application (31.9 MB) is free and relies on advertising as the inn-app purchases (to unlock new pictures in particular). To try it, it’s here:

Spot Differences: Challenge!

Are you a quick spotter? ! Find differences as fast as you can and challenge your friends Prove your skills in “Spot The Differences: Challenge”, the FREE game … That ke
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