Android: Free LockScreen here is a new way of unlocking


Free LockScreen simply allows you to quickly launch an app from the lockscreen r.

The functions of this new lockscreen are indeed many and one of the main highlights:

  • Adding any installed application icons on the lockscreen;
  • Protection from removal / disabling malicious programs;
  • Placement of any widget with a maximum size of 4 × 2 tiles on the screen;
  • The status bar is modified by our designers;
  • Integrated wallpaper from the collection;
  • Customise backgrounds of drop icons
  • Flashlight (PRO)
  • Install additional themes to unlocking screen (PRO)
  • Disable the ads (PRO)
  • In order to configure LockScreen Free is very simple, in fact you only have to choose which apps to be included in the unlock screen and then you can draw your path to unlock

LockScreen Free
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