Android DashNotifier Better Notifications For DashClock

Android DashNotifier

This extension allows us to take full advantage and have more control DashClock our Android lock screen. DashNotifier uses the notification system implemented in version 4.3 of Android. Thus, we can include up to a total of 7 applications for various notifications that we can reach and include them in our lock screen.

Here it works is DashClock but DashNotifier allows us to configure everything, like changing the name, icon and more features that make it much more configurable and not limited to the base application.

The only impediment to use this free application is that we have the same version of Android, which is not currently numerous terminals but seems to reach over with the arrival of Kit-kat.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.umang.dashnotifier’ name=’DashNotifier for DashClock’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]