Android CloudPlayer with Google Drive, Dropbox and onedrive

with Google Drive, Dropbox and onedrive

There are many music players for Android, but most turn to our internal memory as storage for content, more and more looking to use all the space we have in the cloud to use and relieve ROMs of our device, something rare sometimes .
Of all the players I’ve tried to use the contents of private clouds, there is still no end to please me and now Cloud Player wants to be the first to take the final leap and forget the content in physical memory. Created by double Twist, come with a very high standard .

With music to another cloud

Behind Cloud Player have to Double Twist , a development studio that is not exactly new, and less on playing this music. You probably remember the application as Air Sync or Magic Play . Now, launch a new music player that thrives in the cloud space.
Specifically, this application is able to read music files you have on Google Drive, Dropbox and onedrive . All at once, if we really need it, and the ability to create playlists and listen to music streamed to the original quality to which we climb. In fact even it supports music in uncompressed format.
Another attractive aspect of Cloud Player is found in its ability to connect to Chromecast , a useful feature that gives a differential value over other services also play streaming content, such as streaming. As with other services, the connection is very simple, just press a button.
Although the application appears as free, in reality you must purchase the premium version once seven days have passed the test. In total, five euros but considering that the application is useful and connects with the main clouds, it is an attractive option. Soon I will talk about it further.