Android: Accelerate Internet With Internet Speed ​​Master


Failing that all have 4G on our mobile devices, low internet connection speed sometimes becomes perhaps a common problem. Internet Speed ​​Master is an application that serves as a useful tool to improve internet connection our mobile devices, whether 3G/4G LTE or Wi-Fi.

This application is powered by a configuration tcp / ip, used as the already known “tweak” the Linux system. This complex system works automatically in your device connection and significantly accelerating speed of it. Simply applying a patch to our device.

Important Notes Internet Speed ​​Master

  • It is recommended to perform a backup before using the application.
  • Some systems already have included the patch “Rooms” file needed for the application to work. If you did not have the patch must be installed manually.(On the website of the application will find the links to download the patch).
  • The operation of this application depends on compatibility with your Internet provider.
  • To verify that the application works we recommend applying a speed test.
  • The application works with devices with Android version 2.3 and higher. But it is not compatible with some devices despite their system that supports Android.

An interesting alternative to improve the connection speed of your device. Internet Speed ​​Master works intuitively and automatically enhances and speeds up your internet connection 3G/4G LTE or Wi-Fi.

We conducted a test , using WiFi with a Samsung Galaxy S2 CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2). There have been five speed test by applying SpeedTest . First five tests without patch and subsequently five other with patch installed. Without the patch the average download / upload was 23.74 / 2.14 and, with the patch, 25,96 / 3,82. The result we noticed has been a 13.5% increase in download speed and a surprising 78.5% in the rise .
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