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Android: 6th Sense Alarm Clock That Uses Sensors


will be able to recognize the world around us to sound the alarm at the right time. Through the app will grab the microphone sounds, set on three different levels, in order to understand whether to play a certain sound, such as early morning or turning on TV or radio.
The light sensor will help the app to understand the small changes of light to be able to play at dawn.
Finally, the motion sensor will capture your movements and will be able to figure out whether we are awake or are we simply ignoring the alarm. Also in this case we have three different setting levels.

Many other features you can set :-

  • Support sensor: Brightness, Sound, Motion
  • Action to take if you do not wake up: It still sounds or Call another phone number
  • Detailed Tutorial
  • Multiple alarms
  • Swipe to delete alarm
  • Repeats every day
  • Chatter
  • Personalized Ringing
  • Alarm Volume
  • Increasing ring
  • Function “Snooze”
  • Maximum number of alarms sent
  • Automatic shut-off after timeout
  • Click for prolonged off ringtone
  • Support for time in 12h/24h
  • Support different date formats
  • Ability to disable notification icon
  • Large Detailed Widgets
  • Widgets small minimal

6th Sense is available free on Play Store but unfortunately the sensors will be used only for the first 14 days after payment is required of € 0.50

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