Android 4.4 Rom For Google Nexus One


This new custom ROM based on Android 4.4 KitKat for Nexus One seems to bring some of the most important features of the last major release.

Obviously, being a ROM in the experimental stage, not everything works perfectly, making account of the technical specifications of the smartphone is now too old to support fully all the software technology for Android .

The developers have released, however, some important notes:

  • Superuser is in the toolbox
  • Sixbar icons are backwards. That working on
  • Some display issues. Screenshot is broke
  • enabling ART will cause bootloop
  • 4.2 / 3 issues carry over:
    • wifi hotspot only works on open
    • room is broken preview
    • date (3g) works but might unstable
    • no camcorder
    • no usb tether
    • Everything else Should be fine

Being a heavy software, the developers have decided to also remove some applications of the system, namely:

  • VideoEditor
  • Calendar
  • Email / Exchange
  • QuickSearch
  • Ringtones / Notifications / Alarms (including only the newest)
  • Bootanimation

To download the firmware and the gapps and to get further clarification on the ROM can go to the official thread brought back to the source