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All notifications on your desktop with Dropbox Android Notifications


A new and very interesting application that uses your Dropbox account to synchronize the notifications that you receive in your mobile with your laptop or desktop computer via an HTML file.

From now ye shall not miss the notifications even if you have to your own smartphone in airplane mode or not available at hand.

A very interesting concept application like “Desktop notifications in” using a Chrome extension desktop version achieves the same function, although Notifications Android Dropbox Dropbox is used to display notifications.

You have several options to configure, such as enable and disable synchronization if you do not wish to bother you while you use the laptop or desktop computer, and if there is a problem with timing, you can always restart the HTML file.

The most remarkable feature of DNA is the notification filter, which lets you choose which notifications are synchronized wish that , being able to silence all those who wish, and give permission to applications if need.

You have also the option of volume restriction, that lets you choose whether notifications are synchronized when the phone is in silent mode . Restriction of the screen allows you to modify if you want notifications to be shown when the screen is off.

The developer warns that fully functioning application in your device you will have to turn on accessibility within the settings menu, the option DNA (Dropbox Android Notifications), also you can access this box from the same application, but it must be remembered that enabled to run Dropbox Android Notifications.

If you want to get notifications of all or more of your applications on your mobile or tablet computer desktop, and you have Dropbox installed, do not wait and try this exciting new application that is free on Google Play for download.
Download – Dropbox Android Notifications

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