Alcatel One Touch Hero And Innovative Accessories


he IFA 2013 is leaving us many surprises, among them are the new flagship of Alcatel, the Alcatel One Touch Hero .

This phablet has 6 “screen HD(1920X1080) with IPS technology,2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor at 1.5GHz for now unknown, though it looks like it is a MediaTek. The front camera is 2MP, the rear camera has 13MP and comes equipped with an LED flash.

Giving life to these components found a 3400mAh battery . Up here might seem to be a phablet like any other but it is, as it has many accessories so far not seen in other phablets as a housing with electronic ink display covers with LEDs or notify us phone status.

As we can see a great innovation that exceeds all expectations we had put in Alcatel.

Apart from these accessories are also other more common as a pointer similar to incorporating the Galaxy Note and a smaller phone that connects to the One Touch Hero via Bluetooth and allows us to make calls more comfortably.

What certainly is most striking to us is the 12 lumens pico projector developed for the Hero, as it connects to the phone via the pins you have this on your side and can project a 70-inch screen , but the Hero does not stays there and goes further with other accessories such as Alcatel TV Link that connects the phablet to television in mirror mode and last but not least, you also have a housing that will allow you to wirelessly charge.

Your date of availability and price are unknown. However, we must bear in mind that Alcatel is a company that is known for offering very competitive prices. Certainly this phone (or phablet) is very juicy product.