A Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes and sets fire to a house in Hong Kong


Again from the Asian continent comes a disturbing news for owners of a smartphone, in recent weeks turned into device more and more “dangerous.”

If in China in recent days there have been two incidents that have seen the iPhone as the protagonist (a girl and a man electrocuted in a coma), what happened to Hong Kong  not less raises concerns.

According to reports in local newspapers, in fact, an Samsung Galaxy S4 would have exploded as he was reloading, causing a fire that destroyed the home of its owner , which is fortunately managed to get to safety with his wife.

Mr. To is the name of the unfortunate protagonist of the incident, commenting on the episode we made ​​it clear that both the Galaxy S4 that the battery and the various accessories used were original . To also claims to have noticed shortly before the excessive heat in the back of the smartphone, which was soon to burst, releasing the ball of fire that destroyed the home.

What is certain is that in recent weeks the incidents of this kind are becoming more frequent. It is only a coincidence? The cause is always reconnected to the use of non-genuine? The extremely hot climate of this period may have some effect? You really have to start worrying? Questions that we hardly an official response.